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Post  ak1971 on Sun May 11, 2008 9:24 pm

Ian..yeah your bet was good, I didnt cash.

So heres a prime example of he massive blinds up there.

I have about 23K in chips. blinds are 1500-3000 Im small stack 8 people left top four pay.

I get A-Jo about two off the blind..its folded to me..I have really two choices here. fold or all in. I cant raise, because its pretty much an allin..any way I shoved and got called with some guy with A-K h. He turned a flush, so it wouldnt have mattered if I would have had AA .

I have to say this though, the table was a great final table. I managed to get my buy in back over at the Gates.

P.S. The food at the White Buffalo at The Lodge is awesome. Had the Tournedos Oscar and a bottle of wine...thumbs up!

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