Kill Phil - Blair Rodman (Review)

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Kill Phil - Blair Rodman (Review) Empty Kill Phil - Blair Rodman (Review)

Post  PoWdA on Thu May 15, 2008 10:48 am

I have read a bunch of poker books and this one definetly breaks the mold. This book is a crash course in no-limit Texas Hold em tournaments if I have ever read one before! This book brings forward a strategy to beat the best poker players in the world, the "Phils" (Laak, Hellmuth, Ivey, Gordon, etc....). The idea behind this book is that you could hand it to a newbie today, let him read it, and he could take down the pros at thier own game tomorrow. To the serious player that already knows the game it is quite obvious how they do this, this book is 110% pre-flop strategy.

That is right, this book is all about pre-flop. With a modified "system" similar to Dan Harringtons "M", Rodman introduces what he calls his "CSR" which basically calculates your stack relative to the blinds and when it is time to just move all-in. Now you would think that there are only so many ways to describe all-in situations but Rodman goes into great detail in many many situations where all-in is the best play to put the pressure on the big guys and no let them use thier tricks and moves after the flop.

The interesting thing about this book is that the marketing, the reasoning, and everything behind the publication of this book is guided toward beginners but I for one would be scared to death to see this book in the hands of a true beginner that is not afraid to heed this books advice! I guess that is the point! Even though this book is 110% pre-flop (there might be one sentence about post flop play in the entire book) I do suggest the crafty nl hold em tourney veterans check it out. I must admit that after reading the book I felt like my pre-flop game was pretty well improved. I also feel like my short stack game is much better since reading the advice in this book!

I honestly don't reccomend this book for the beginner. It tends to magnify the luck factor in tourneys and take advantage of the added luck and I for one think beginners need to form strong foundations rather than lucky systems to help them win. I do think the tournament player with some tourney time under thier belt can actually get something from this book. Although at first I thought it was insane I mast say that after reading this book my shortstack and pre-flop play definetly improved.

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