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Sunday Gates Noon Tournament Empty Sunday Gates Noon Tournament

Post  Scrupboy on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:50 pm

Decided to go play the GG Sunday noon tournament yesterday. They ended up with 88 players paying out the top 8. My read on my first table was spot on and I could make no mistakes. I called down 3/4 of my stack with a pair of deuces cause I just knew this guy was on a draw and missed. We started with 15k in chips (for some reason I thought we only had 10 or 12k last time I played this with Mondo and Dex) and I never could quite get to average. After grinding it out for 7.5 hours the final table was made. It would really suck to play this long and not make the money and I was sitting on an 8th place chip stack and tried to make a deal for the bubble once we were down to 9. No go as I was basically laughed at and decided that I needed to make my own fate. Short stack goes all in and I call half of my chips with KJ clubs and find myself up against A10. I flop a gut shot with Q9 on the board and boom, on the river comes the 10 to make the final 8. Finally at 9:00 (9 hours of grinding) I get busted by a bad beat. Preflop I push with Q's for 230k and get called down by the BB (chip leader) for 1/2 his stack. He shows PP 9's. This pot will put me in the chip lead and give me a good chance of taking down the $2600 first place prize. Flop is rags and the friggin 2 outer 9 hits on the turn! Take my $675 cash for 4th place and go home.

A few notes on this tourney:
-John (HPT guy) was at the table and he should have been out a couple of times but he gets lucky and stays alive and ended in 3rd. Third place jumps to $1175 in prize money.
-I didn't suck out once the entire tournament until I took out the bubble boy on the river.
-Bubble boy was the only player I eliminated the entire tournament.
-Never had more then 32k in chips until the final 16 players.
-Only won 2 of 6 races.

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Sunday Gates Noon Tournament Empty Re: Sunday Gates Noon Tournament

Post  ak1971 on Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:37 pm

Good job..those tourneys are all shovefests at the end anyway. So at least you got it in with the best

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Sunday Gates Noon Tournament Empty Re: Sunday Gates Noon Tournament

Post  Mondogarage on Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:38 am

Very nice finish!!!

That reminds me, we gotta do that tourney again sometime...

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Sunday Gates Noon Tournament Empty Re: Sunday Gates Noon Tournament

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