One Outer or Not?

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Is this a one outer?

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One Outer or Not? Empty One Outer or Not?

Post  kkravec on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:42 pm

Would you consider this a one outer?

Player 1 JJ
Player 2 AsKs

Flop: Js 10s 2h

All in after the flop

Turn: Qs

River 2d

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One Outer or Not? Empty Re: One Outer or Not?

Post  dexman1349 on Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:36 am

After the flop he's drawing to 12 outs (4 queens and any remaining spade). So, IMO it's not a "true" one outer.

The fact that he hit the Qs only locks in the nuts and makes it so you are drawing dead. If any other one of his outs hit, you can still draw to a boat (which obviously hit).

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