Suggested reading list for NLHE cash games beginner?

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Suggested reading list for NLHE cash games beginner?  Empty Suggested reading list for NLHE cash games beginner?

Post  john111_x on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:52 am

Hey guys,

Is there a suggested reading list for someone who has some experience with NLHE cash games but who wants to make a serious attempt at getting better and actually playing it for more than a hobby? I'm asking for a buddy of mine who is asking me for some help on getting started. I have a ton of books to loan him, but I'm really not sure where to start. This would be (at least temporarily) for live $1/$2 games. Books targeting online play would be fine too I'm sure if applicable.

A read order (for beginner) would be especially helpful.

On a separate note...what are the poker books that I should be reading, re-reading, highlighting, taking notes on, memorizing, etc. for $1/$2 NLHE live cash games? I have already read most of the books, I would like to pick a select few (2-3) that I should really hunker down and study and practice carefully now. I know I need to think on my own and make sure to incorporate all the different variables, but I would like a strong foundation/theoretically correct solid line of play to start with and alter it depending on conditions from there if needed. I would have a lot more confidence in my abilities if I can be sure of the "correct" default play. Oftentimes I find myself wondering what it is.



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