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Advice on calculating odds Empty Advice on calculating odds

Post  john111_x on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:54 am

I have been reading on here the past few weeks but I'm still having a problem. I have been playing poker on and off ever since I can remember but I have never really played "correctly". I finally decided to stop throwing my money way about a year ago and told myself I won't play again until i learn how to calculate odds, learn strategy, and become serious with it. Well I can't seem to come up with a system to calculate the odds for every hand. This seems like the most rudimentary principle and I seem to have some sort of block for learning it. I have always been good at math and calculating numbers in my head which confuses me as to why i can't get a handle on this.

Is it as simple as forcing yourself to calculate the pot odds vs your outs every single hand, eventually leading to it becoming second nature?

Are there any good tips, tricks or advice yall have for me to be able to learn to do this?

Any good threads, articles, books, software that will help me learn?

I have read 3 or 4 poker books and understand what they are saying but I can't seem to put it into practice. I know if I can learn this it would greatly increase my game. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Edit: the game I like to play the most is NLHE.


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