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Post  pseudoswede on Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:27 pm

I cannot remember the last time I sat in economy class when I've flown to Europe. Flying back to the US is a different story.

Today, all signs pointed to me slumming it near the back of the plane. In my final, last ditch effort, I approached the gate...

Me: "Is economy full? Are you looking to bump anyone?"
Gate Agent: "No. It's not even a full flight."
Me: "Oh. But do you have any windows seats further up in the plane?"
Gate Agent: "Ah. Uh. Hmm. I shouldn't do this. Let me take your boarding pass and hold on to it for a while."
Me: "You rock."

About 15 minutes later, about 10 people get called up to the podium with new seats in Economy Extra (which is Business Class-type seats, but with Economy-style service).

The Alitalia flight attendants just walked by here. Wow.

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