Saturday, November 8th at 630pm: NLHM $40 + $5 Bounty

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Saturday, November 8th at 630pm: NLHM $40 + $5 Bounty Empty Saturday, November 8th at 630pm: NLHM $40 + $5 Bounty

Post  sydsdad on Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:45 pm

Hey all:

THE first trny under NEW management at! Let's fill up all three tables! We can seat up to 26 players....soon to be 28 as new poker tables are under construction.

If you've never played a bounty trny, you're in for a treat! Adds a whole new angle to the strategy! A lot of fun...played the $50 bounty trny at Treasure Island this past summer during the WSOP and really enjoyed it!

Standard rules/setup: 5000 starting chips, 30 min blinds, rebuy(s) available in the first blind round. As this is a close group of friends, all $ collected for buyins will be cut taken for the house as always . We will have a clear cut blind schedule posted for this trny....we had a little confusion with regard to this in Oct and I take full responsibility for this and it has been resolved. Cards in the air at 630ish....I'd like to try to start on time this week as the trny in Oct lasted until 130am because we didn't get started until 715pm. We will always remain flexible....we want to accommodate as many players as possible, but please try to arrive on time.

If you're new to our site, no problem. Just introduce yourself to the group.....let us know a little bit about yourself and your poker experience including who you may be aquainted with who has participated in our trny's in the past. We are always looking to expand our group of poker friends!

Contact me, Jon Armstrong, for directions/address. To register for the trny go to our website and post. Email:, Cell: 303-956-2973, Home: 303-904-3630

Look forward to a great game!



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