Finally played a bar game

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Finally played a bar game Empty Finally played a bar game

Post  Scrupboy on Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:13 pm

I got invited by a friend to a bar game and then find out there is a $25 buy in (hush hush stuff under the table). No worries, the game was limited to 10 players and... it's a bar game. We start with $3000 in chips and 20 minute rounds at 25/50. The button hasn't even gone around the table yet and I am down to 400 chips when I lose with a flopped set to a flopped straight. Usually I would count myself out and just push at the next thing I see, but then I remind myself that this is bar poker and if I double up a couple of times I'll still be in contention. I tighten down and by the first hour the chips have quadrupled to $1600. We lose some players and with 4 way action I take the chip lead to where I just start muscling the table pre-flop and on the flop with nothing. End result is a modified chop heads up while holding 3/4 of the chips in play. Probably not the best deal (I take $150 he get's $100), but it's bar poker and I can easily lose with the ridiculous blinds. Tip the dealer $25 and walk away a $100 winner after 3 hours. Not bad for not playing a bar game in about 6 months. I almost forgot how easy bar games can be. Cool

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