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Post  pseudoswede on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:18 am


So here's the official scoop from last night at the Ameristar.

Spread limit table limits were 2-20 and 2-100 for HoldEm, as well as the old standby of 2-5.

Fixed limit tables were 4-8 with a half-kill for HoldEm and 4-8 with a half-kill for Omaha HiLo 8 or better.

All the new tables had the addition of a $1 small blind as well.

At the Gates, about the same thing. Spread limit of 2-25 and 2-100 (and 2-5) and fixed limit starting at 5-10.

You could not see the 2 craps tables or the roulette table at the Ameristar last night. It was so mobbed you just couldn't get near it.

I'm heading up after work to play in the GG $40 donkament, and play a 3/6 limit game if I can find one.

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Post  PoWdA on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:55 am

The Gates was good. I think/hope 1/2-100 spread becomes the norm, that game is sick. I was up about $500 in an hour. Unfortunately my flopped set of Queens ran into a flopped set of Kings and the other guy had about $400 behind. Obv it made it all in... GG me. I still left up about $180. The game up there is soooooo good. I am hoping to start going up more regularly now.

As far as other games... They were running a $4/8 hold em and had a bunch of interest in $10/20 limit hold em game. They were also playing a 1/2-100 spread Omaha hi/lo game that sounded pretty crazy.

The bottom line is that it feels great to be able to push $100's into the pot instead of $5. The game is night and day. If anyone here has not made it up, you are missing out.

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